Make the choice

In life, we often feel like we have two options, either we make a choice, or we don’t. The truth is we always make a choice. Declining to face life’s issues head-on is a choice to give up your power. There is no getting away from it.

Making a choice is difficult, heck, it’s probably the most difficult thing there is. Each and every day you make thousands of choices. What to wear, should I take route A to work or route B? Should I ask for a raise, or wait it out for a few more months.

Problem is, all those choices make us lose sight of what’s important. Making a choice of whether to wear the navy blue shirt or the black shirt might seem important if you’re preparing for a date. But most of the time it’s not a serious issue. If you take everything too seriously, you might just end up with decision fatigue. That is when you get to the more important choices, you fail to consider them thoroughly, and end up making bad decisions.

It’s a serious topic, but for now, I would want to raise a simple issue. Each decision you ponder takes a little more of your limited bandwidth. It’s also true for every decision you postpone, it lingers in your mind preventing you from thinking things through.

So make the call, make a decision. If it’s an inconsequential one, just decide and let it go. Don’t ponder it too much, but also don’t let “fate” decide, you need to get used to taking charge of your life.
If it’s an important decision, give it it’s due time, you’ve saved enough time wasted thinking about inconsequential decisions, so you could now use that time more thoughtfully. But don’t postpone it, if you need to make a decision, face its consequences and do the best you can. It’s far better than avoiding it, as avoiding decisions as well as pondering inconsequential decisions, is quite simply, making a bad choice.


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