Cognitive Load — Why It’s Destroying Your Code and What to Do About It

My Todo App, yup, I kinda like tigers
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Cognitive Load Theory — Your brain’s tab limit

Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash — This cat is looking at some really crappy code
  • How you structure code into packages
  • When does it make sense to wrap SDK classes, if at all
  • Layering architecture (if it’s used, and what it’s comprised of)
  • Class/Package/Layers naming conventions — Do you use Converters/Transformers? Processors/Handlers? neither/both, etc.
  • Do we use REST naming conventions or something else?
  • Settle all possible technicalities in advance
  • Make sure you’re familiar with them
  • Accept your love for ketchup (or whatever guilty pleasure is)
  • Put your phone aside, turn off Slack and other distracting apps.
  • Focus on your task and do your best work.




Software Engineer, Avid learner & Science Enthusiast

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Guy Erez

Guy Erez

Software Engineer, Avid learner & Science Enthusiast

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